Nemo Seminar 2018

11/14/2018Yeajin Kim A method for inferring medical diagnoses from patient similarities
11/08/2018Yunhyoung Kim Boiling Frogs: Pricing Strategies for a
Manufacturer Adding a Direct Channel
that Competes with the Traditional Channel
10/18/2018Liying Piao Markov Decision Processes for Screening and Treatment of Chronic Diseases
10/04/2018Sangho Oh Modeling Medical Records of Diabetes using Markov Decision Processes
09/21/2018Yeajin Kim Brand competition in fashion e-commerce
08/31/2018Liying Piao Dynamic treatment selection and modication for personalised blood pressure therapy using a Markov decision process model: a cost- effectiveness analysis
08/23/2018Sangho OhOptimizing Statin Treatment Decisions for Diabetes Patients in the Presence of Uncertain Future Adherence
06/07/2018Yeajin Kim Competitive-importance-performance-analysis-of-an-Australian-wildlife-park
05/01/2018Liying Piao RNN for outlier detection
04/10/2018Jungju ParkDynamic Assortment Optimization with a Multinomial Logit Choice Model and Capacity Constraint
04/03/2018Minsoo KangMarkov Decision Process_A Tool for Sequential Decision Making under Uncertainty
03/27/2018Yeajin KimAn Ecological Niche Theory Approach to the Measurement of Brand Competition
03/13/2018Liying PiaoImpact of Online Consumer Reviews on Sales: The Moderating Role of Product and Consumer Characteristics
02/27/2018Yunhyoung KimSelling Your Product Through Competitors’ Outlets:
Channel Strategy When Consumers Comparison Shop
02/20/2018Hyelim ChoiWhat I did at work
02/13/2018Sangho OhAn Efficient k-Means Clustering Algorithm: Analysis and
02/06/2018Jungju ParkThe impact of consumer search cost on assortment planning and
01/30/2018Minsoo KangPlanning and Acting in Partially Observable Stochastic
01/23/2018Yeajin KimAn Ecological Niche Theory Approach to the Measurement
01/09/2018Yunhyoung KimPoaching in media: Harm to subscribers?, Journal of Economics and
Management Strategy
01/06/2018Liying PiaoPrice competition, cost and demand disruptions and coordination of a
supply chain with one manufacturer and two competing retailers
01/01/2018Sangho OhA Kernel-Based Framework for Medical
Big-Data Analytics