Nemo seminar 2017

1/11/2017Jungju ParkTurf Wars Product Line Strategies in Competitive MarketsClick
1/25/2017Yunhyoung KimKeeping Your Enemies Closer: When Market Entry as an Alliance with Your Competitor Makes SenseClick
2/08/2017Sangho OhOptimization models in emergency logistics: A literature reviewClick
2/16/2017Jungju ParkProduct Assortment and Price Competition under Multinomial Logit DemandClick
3/15/2017Yunhyoung KimIntroduction to Undercut-proof EquilibriumClick
4/12/2017Jungju ParkPricing Multiple Products with the Multinomial Logit and Nested Logit ModelsClick
5/10/2017Yunhyoung KimThe Impact of Consumer Multi-homing on Advertising Markets and Media CompetitionClick
5/31/2017Jungju ParkAssortment and Price Competition with Product Introduction CostClick
6/28/2017Sangho OhDoes genre type influence choice of video platformClick
7/12/2017Yeajin KimCompetitive dynamics in the Korean video platform marketClick
7/26/2017Yunhyoung KimPlatform Competition with Endogenous HomingClick
8/09/2017Sangho OhWhen do changes in consumer preferences make forecasts from choice-based conjoint models unreliable?Click
8/16/2017Jungju ParkEquilibrium Product Lines Competing Head-to-Head May Be Less CompetitiveClick
9/05/2017Yeajin KimProduct sales forecasting using online reviews and historicalClick
9/19/2017Yunhyoung KimContent Acquisition by Streaming Platforms: Premium vs FreemiumClick
10/10/2017Sangho OhWatch it! The Influence of Forced Pre-Roll Video Ads on Consumer PerceptionsClick
10/24/2017Jungju ParkOligopolistic Competition, Technology
Innovation, and Multiproduct Firms
10/30/2017Yejin KimEffects of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation on
user-generated content